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Hello! We are Olga and Pavel.

We created this site to share our impression, interesting photos and our experience about traveling bu yourself.

All types of trips are a big part of our lives. We decide by ourselves where we want to go this time and fully think through all the details. Although not everything turns out as we had planned, and this has its own charm. We travel more than 15 years - hiking, mountain hiking and water tourism, moto trips, simply visit interesting cities and countries. Passed many routes from the east of Eurasia to the west. We do not only go to trips, but also head the trips for more than 10 years. Last years we prefer not only technical challenging routes, but new places where we have never been before, and new kinds of travel. Since the motorcycle buying we started moto trips, and has already made a three-month long tour on a motorcycle, traveling more than 20,000 km. At the moment, we had already traveled to 33 countries and visited a little more (if we just move across the country or it was the airport transfer, we do not believe that traveling in this country). A sample list of our trips can be found on the page travels.

And now we will tell more about who we are.

Pavel - in his first big hiking trip went 16 years old and since then can't stop. Besides hiking he rides on all that goes, and if he is still not riding, he will be, soon. In his active at the moment: snowboarding, skiing, biking, windsurfing, surfing, motorcycles.

Olga - a little behind, first time she went to the mountains - 18. But this delay hasn't much impact on the addiction. Also riding on everything that has been mentioned above. She enjoys photography and often takes part in photo competitions, in which sometimes win, and the prizes replenished equipment.

We have a big hiking experience in the mountains, but we are not only limited to hiking. As we often go the mountain tops, reach to the bottom of caves, floated down the rivers, stormed the rock wall, down from the tops skiing and snowboarding, diving under water, riding bikes and motorcycles.



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