List of equipment for autonomous motorcycle travel

List of motorcycle travel equipment

When preparing for a long motorcycle trip or a motorcycle journey, probably everyone has faced the question - what to take with you?

On the one hand, you need to take everything that can be useful on the road, on the other hand, there is not so much space for luggage on a motorcycle. Moreover, it is much more difficult to control a loaded motorcycle that is hung with bags and trunks from all sides, especially when off-road. And the dimensions of the motorcycle are greatly increasing, it will no longer be possible to squeeze between the cars, although everything of course strongly depends on the distance of the trip, the selected region, weather conditions, the demands of the motorcyclist, the presence of a passenger and many other factors.

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How to get an American visa in Poland?

Получение американской визы в Польше для украинцев

How do I get a visa to the USA? Many people who like to travel have probably thought about this question. America is not close, but there is plenty of information about it, and as soon as you open photos of some national park or a city dotted with skyscrapers, you really want to run for an American visa.

I must say right away that in this article we will tell you how to get a tourist visa to the United States. Not immigration. Of course, there are many articles on the Internet telling how to fill out a questionnaire, what to pay attention to, what documents are needed to apply for a visa to America...

But even in them we could not find answers to some of the questions that arose in the process of filling out the questionnaire.

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Food on the tracks of Nepal

Еда на треккинге в Непале

When we were preparing for trekking in Nepal, we read a lot of reports. Some of them had only emotions and photos, but there were also useful reports with the time of passage, with the cost of accommodation, but in none of the reports could we find food prices, the maximum that we found was the amount of money spent per day. But this is also an ambiguous figure. Even within the same group, the cost of food may vary by 2-3 times, it all depends on the requests. Someone needs not only to eat, but also dessert, and maybe beer/rum/vodka. In general, all people are different, and there is an opportunity to choose on the tracks in Nepal...

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Preparing for trekking in Nepal, everything you need to know

треккинг Непал

This year we walked the trek around Annapurna in Nepal and the trek from Jiri to Everest Base Camp through the Gokyo Lakes and we want to share the nuances of these treks.

Since we do not use the help of any travel agencies, but do everything on our own, sometimes we stuff bumps and get additional experience, which we want to share so that you get into less difficult situations. This article contains tips and recommendations for preparing for independent trekking in the Himalayas, or rather trekking in Nepal.

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