подготовка к самостоятельному путешествию

In 42 days we will leave Ukraine and in 45 days we will be in Hong Kong. The first point on our long journey, first impressions... In the meantime, there is still a lot to do, for example, we have already figured out the tickets, but not the visas yet, we need to get 3 visas - to the Philippines, to India and to Thailand.

Many will say so, because you can get a visa to Thailand on arrival and they will be right, but such a visa is only given for 15 days upon entry, and we would like to spend more time in Thailand, and some confidence appears, you do not need to explain anything at the border, and they will not deploy you ...

But these are global affairs, and there are also a lot of simple and mundane things. What things to take so that they are enough in all cases, but to carry a little with you. Plus, Yahoo promised to give us thermal underwear and fleece for testing, one fleece is enough for us on the road, but we leave in December, and they will give us fleece only in Moscow and now the question is how to get to Moscow and not get sick on the way.

And we need to double-check everything on the equipment, after all, we are not going for 2 weeks. Tent, sleeping bags, mats - everything should be in the best possible way!

In general, we gather, we think, we invent, we wait... And if you have interesting ideas or suggestions, please let us know. We will be glad to have good advice and suggestions!

31 days

We returned from Kiev today. We went there to submit documents for a Philippine visa. Passed. The Honorary Consulate of the Philippines is located in Kiev, at 4 Muzeyny Lane, in the same building as the Embassy of Japan.

We got there early in the morning, at 9 o'clock, and had to wait until 9:30 for them to open.

There were no other people willing to get there. In 30 minutes they filled out all the questionnaires (they can be obtained already at the consulate, and filling them out does not raise any questions), handed over the documents and paid the visa fee (by the way, they did not accept 20 dollar bills of the old sample, they had to give new ones, they say they do not accept bills older than 1995).
After that, we also stopped at the Boris clinic to get treated at the Thai embassy (for some reason it is located right in the lobby of the clinic). And we also wanted to ask a few questions at the Indian embassy, but we didn't have time, it turns out that they only accept individual visitors from 9:30 to 11:30, and then only travel agencies.
We also met with our potential sponsor, Red Point, and looked at the equipment they are ready to provide us with for the trip. This was the end of the business part of the trip and we met with our old friends Maxim and Katya, who gave us an excellent lunch and dinner. And they showed their home plantation of tropical plants. The biggest impression on me was made by a strange bush named Akakiy - an unknown crap similar to a dried cabbage plant from which leaves grow in the shape of deer horns (sic!).

18 days

Preparations are continuing.
Yesterday, the passports with the Philippine visa were taken away.  But with an Indian visa, not everything turned out as expected. Last week, the Indians introduced an e-visa that needs to be issued via the Internet, and stopped accepting applications through the consulate in Kiev. But the problem is that an e-visa can be issued no earlier than 30 days before entering the country, and we have three and a half months before entry (or rather departure). All explanations with the consul of India did not give anything, he says you decided to apply for a visa too early... So we will apply for a visa somewhere on the way, in Malaysia or Thailand.
We also received a package from America with a new MSR XGK EX gasoline burner. It turns out to be much cheaper to buy and bring from abroad (even taking into account intermediaries) than it costs in our stores... But we tested it in the forest. And at the same time we rode bicycles in the snow.

There are only 3 days left to work, and then complete freedom!
So, what do you need to get a Philippine visa for Ukrainian citizens:

  • copies of tickets for entry and exit from the country (we had paid ones, although the consulate says that reservations are possible)
  • hotel reservation, suitable printout with booking.com . It is possible without paying for the reservation, as long as it is in English, and the names of all participants are indicated. 
  • copies of passports
  • completed application form (issued at the consulate, you can fill it out right before submission in 5 minutes)
  • photo 3.5*4.5
  • $20 (no older than 1995, they don't want to take anything older)

The registration period is about 14 working days, sometimes a little less. The consulate is located in Kiev, Muzeyny Lane 4. From the street it is identified by the sign of the Japanese Embassy, which is located in the same building, but on the 7th floor.

9 days

So far, everything is going according to plan - we are preparing, selecting things that are worth taking with us. But besides personal items, of course, we also need equipment, and our sponsors Red Point, Goal Zero, Princeton Tec helped us with it

Red Point was provided to us for testing :

- tent Steady 2 EXT

- Munro sleeping bag

- Speedline 30 backpack

- Terrain 75 backpack

Goal Zero will help us keep our devices charged at all times with the Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit

Princeton Tec provided us with a pair of Remix and Vizz tourist headlamps

Now we are dealing with new equipment and trying to pack things. Soon we will have the opportunity to try it all in action

1 day

We are ready for the adventure!

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