To the Palais de Chaillot, we came from the Arc de Triomphe. The palace is home to several museums and there is a park around. But I think the majority of tourists are attracted here a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower, which is just opposite the palace, across the Seine.

Probably, the park near the palace of Chaillot, I liked the most. There are a lot of hills and trees, not just flat surface. Many cozy places. Finding one of these places, we settled down to dinner, behind the bushes there are Ukrainian voices - fans arrived at the Euro, apart flashed Russian flag. Now it is very easy to distinguish who and from what country - almost all hold the flags of their countries.

And here is the Eiffel Tower, at the entrance to the territory of the tower inspection - it is impossible to carry not only sharp, explosive, etc. subjects but also bottles. The ban on glass and plastic. It seems even strengthened measures in connection with the euro. All checkpoints clarify - are you going to the fan zone? If you answer no, do not inspect so carefully. Now all the Champ de Mars is a solid fan zone. It has a large 250m2 screen on which broadcast the matches.

We just decided to go to the top of Eiffel Tower. The queue for 30-40 minutes, now it is quite small. Generally, if you are planning to go to the Eiffel Tower, it is best to buy tickets in advance, then you will be able to jump the queue, but keep in mind that you have to specify both the date and time of the visit, which is slightly interfere, especially in a while ... But you will save at least 30 minutes of standing in line. Tickets can be purchased on the official website, but you should remember that tickets for the weekend and dismantled very quickly ... If you plan to buy tickets at the entrance, there is no need to run to the first queue. Queues have all four "legs" of the tower (sometimes only three).

If you plan to reach the top, then any of the queue fits you, if you want to go only to the second level and by foot, you have to look at some of the "legs" there is such a possibility.

First you go up to the second level, and then if you have a ticket to the top, it will be loaded onto to the elevator going up. There is another queue to this elevator. About the length is usually reported on the scoreboard at the bottom. When we were still in the queue at the bottom, it highlights that the queue at the second level for 45 minutes. In fact it was a little shorter.

The upper deck offers a view of the whole of Paris, though you won't see the main attraction - the Eiffel Tower ...

If you plan to climb the tower in the dark and make great shots using a tripod - it will be hardly  possible. The first - tower sways in the wind, and second on the site is constantly crowds of people, and it is still shaking.

I do not know how it is in the daylight, but at night queue to go down is also present. From the second level is better to go by foot, illuminated metal construction, a light breeze and a view of Paris.

That's the end of our first day in Paris. We managed to see almost all of the attractions, though briefly, but the impression was made.

In the morning, we decided to go without a special plan, just walk. The day started well and even the blue sky was seen. And we decided to go to the Montparnasse tower. 56 floor behind the glass or 59 - open area. I liked the tower Montparnasse, even more than the Eiffel Tower.

Not many people, cheaper ticket - 15 euros (you can take for 20 euros and then input any number of times within 24 hours, which is very handy), a pleasant atmosphere and attentive staff. And most importantly, you can see the Eiffel Tower :)

In general, you should consider what will be more interesting for you.

From Montparnasse Tower, we went to the Invalides house. State Les Invalides or just Invalides (Les Invalides) in Paris - an architectural monument, which construction was begun on the orders of Louis XIV on February 24, 1670 as a retirement home for army honored veterans ("disabled veterans"). It was one of the first (if not the first) retirment homes in Europe. Today it still takes people with disabilities, and there are located several museums and military necropolis.

When we were in the retirment house, the weather turned bad, and the rain started, not hard, but very unpleasant. Especially to go somewhere in the rain we did not want to, but we still hoped to get to the Champ de Mars. However, it failed. Even without matches - this is now the fan zone, and we have a lot of things in backpacks, and at least a bottle of water, which should not be there. So this time no luck. Thinking so we decided to walk in the middle of the Seine, on the artificial mound alley that called Swans Alley from the Grenelle bridge to the Bir-Hakeim bridge. At the same time we saw at the French Statue of Liberty.

Rain started again, and there is an appropriate time to go to the airport.

On the post Soviet Union you can often hear the phrase "See Paris and die ...". Paris, we finally saw, but did not die, and we even liked it, and all because there was no high expectations. Often Paris are some fabulous city, where only people of art are being. Of course in reality things are not quite so...

Paris is a great big metropolis, and like a big city it has the sea of its problems. Homeless and immigrants, and trash, and traffic jams, and much more, and crowds often only aggravate the situation. But if you will have a little common sense, the visit will bring more joy and satisfaction.

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